Friday, October 19, 2007

Rant to follow! ~~Sexy is as Sexy does. :

I don't know about you, but the things that truly get under my skin, usually start with sex! I'm not talkin,' give me a booty-shakin' Mamma, who'll shred my wallet quicker than you can say, Benjamin Franklin; (Oh no, heaven forbid, I should meet a woman who's after money I don't have!)

It's all about learning to take the good, with the bad. Moderation, man. I just don't know why the thought of a long, tall, drink of water, in a bikini, settles everything discombobulated, that's all.

Doesn't everyone~~man, woman, best friend..even ya enemies (if they're adaptable to forgiveness!)~~deserve to rant about their sexy, and, sometimes not-so-sexy, lives?

What I want to be able to say, loud and clear, is, "I've got Coconuts!"

And, if the mood is right, and, the laughter (with me, not AT me!) loud~~maybe, just maybe, what is confusing & disappointing in this world, will get a little bit brighter.

What if you could visualize an "ideal"; an idea...kind of a collage, with our words & deeds, and forms of expression, uninhibited~~NO P.C. here!..I don't think SooooooOOOOO!" [Thank you, Fred Willard>>(ie: "A Mighty Wind")]~~~

A rant for CoCoNuts!!! Maybe, I could reveal Our "animal instincts" without fear...Monkeys, we are! (I'll say it, damnit: Darwin still has a point!!)

And, if the photos make men hard, and women smile~~all the better!!

Even the "N word" ~~crazy, as that may sound~~shall have it's place.

After all, Sexy peeps:

In order to make the "word" disappear, we'd have to do an awful amount of shredding.

Culture sure is an sexy, and discombobulated!

Each day, we enter the Zoo,
hoping for a little love...a little sex,
amongst the CocoNuts,

being sold!!


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xx,Will (10/19/2007)~~(wink)~~Of course, that's just MY penny's worth!

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